IT Services and Solutions for Data Centers, Mobile and Web


Digital and Technology skills that help organisations grow and outperform.

Web Development: Utilising the web to power businesses. Developing on the web can enable salesforces to better manage pipelines, streamline mission critical business processes, and drastically expand online sales growth. Through the strategic use of platforms built on the web, your company can run more efficiently and ultimately, profitable.


Mobile App Development: Building award-winning, profit generating mobile applications. Mobile applications are part and parcel of almost any technologically-savvy business today. Using the ubiquitous smartphone as a jumping-off point, mobile apps make it possible for employees and customers alike to stay constantly connected.


Bespoke Software Development: Developing software tailored to your business. Most software is built for the masses, and not suited to the specific needs of your customers and staff. Custom Software Development is often used for companies that have unique business processes that don’t map to a specific technology product.



A cross-platform set of solutions to help companies drive tangible change into their operations.

Technology Audit: Providing a health-check for your current IT Operations

At Sant Cugat Grup Tecnològic, we inspect your business' technological infrastructure to identify flaws and gaps, then give you a 360-degree view of what your technology roadmap should look like, how to staff it, and make sure you are set up for the changes the future inevitably brings.

Systems Integration: Integrating technology to increase efficiency

Whether you need to integrate all systems in your current digital ecosystem, or upgrade your current platform by integrating third party tools, Sant Cugat Grup Tecnològic provides a smooth and painless integration process. Our systems integration team ensures any data that needs to be transferred comes over accurately and without duplication, so its integrity is maintained across all systems and processes.

SaaS Development: Building subscription based software products

SaaS Products are highly effective for multiple reasons. Why? SaaS applications are available from any computer on any device, anytime, anywhere. They are easily upgradable. They are extremely scalable. They can be tiered and modular based on the needs of customers. At Sant Cugat Grup Tecnològic, we build scalable, secure SaaS platforms that allow businesses the opportunity to serve millions of customers simultaneously over web and mobile.

We Promise... Large-scale technology initiatives can be resource-intensive, stressful, and risky. Over the past ten years, Sant Cugat Grup Tecnològic has built mission critical applications and software for growth-oriented companies. While we've seen an overwhelming degree of success, we've also learned some hard lessons along the way. With our experience, we at Sant Cugat Grup Tecnològic can make a single promise without a second's hesitation: NO COMPANY MIXES BUSINESS & TECHNOLOGY BETTER THAN SANT CUGAT GRUP TECNOLÒGIC.








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